Soak In The Glam

In The Tub

Good Vibes Only! A Vintage Bath In The Middle Of Paradise.

Unwind into this vintage bath set in a tropical setting. While you’re taking your lavish pics, you can also relax. You’ll be covered in a floral bath with an elegant design, gently rising on all sides.

As part of our new vintage bath photo booth, you will pose in an antique claw foot tub in the middle of a lush paradise, with only good vibes to guide you. This is not your average day at the spa—rather, you will be bathed in floral scents and surrounded by gentle pastel colors.

The vintage bath booth is designed to give you a luxurious experience. There are plenty of props available to use, including a vintage landline phone so you can catch up on all the latest gossip while soaking up this beautiful space. Feel free to browse through any magazines we have on hand—we know Victoria’s Secret will always be there for you!

Frequently Asked Questions.

Yes! Our beautiful bathtub is a white tub with gold claw feet tub.

Yes! Posing is allowed inside the bathtub

The weight capacity for our bathtub is 275lbs

For your safety, no water, or any other forms of liquid are allowed inside the bathtub at any time

For an additional cost of $150, we provide you an option of 180-200 white ball pit balls OR 80-100 5” clear latex balloons for your photo session. *Must let us know in advance before booking

Yes! The Neon Sign is available for use and may be turned “on” or “off” for your photo session

Our office is open–by appointment only–between 10am and 7pm Tuesday through Saturday. We do schedule outside of these times on a case-by-case basis based on our availability.

This is your moment. You have the option to take some selfies or show of your full glamours self. We recommend bringing someone to take the pictures for you, so you can focus on your style, make up and shot list. If you need a photographer with a good eye, then take advantage of one of our independent photographers

Relax. Take advantage of our beautiful private changing room with perfect make up lighting to get your perfect look. Don’t want to deal with Hair and Make up? Let one of our Industry Professional Make Up Artists do it for you.

*We, here at LJ’s PHOTO STUDIO, our sole aim and purpose is to provide a safe environment for all guests to enjoy the best experience possible as we help you capture the best high-quality photos for your special occasion. In order to provide a safe environment, we kindly ask that all guests to exercise with caution and follow our safety policies and procedures.

Rules & Guidelines for the In The Tub Photo set up

· Please be aware that LJ’s Photo Studio bathtub is a non-functional bathtub. Do not add any water or any type of liquids into the bathtub at any time

· Shoes with a rubber sole are only allowed to be worn while inside the bathtub for your photoshoot. No heels or dress shoes are permitted

· For your safety and to prevent serious damage or scuff marks, no sharp objects are allowed in the bathtub

· Please do not remove or rearrange any items from the In Tub Photo setup

· Please refrain from sitting or lying down on the floral arrangements

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Prefer speaking with a human to filling out a form? call our office and we will connect you with a team member who can help.

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